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Xero is a publicly listed company founded in 2006. We’ve raised $145m in funding to make sure we can thoroughly serve our customers around the world, long into the future.

If you compare Xero to the existing accounting software companies like Intuit, Sage or MYOB, they are huge and as a result slow to respond to customer needs and changes in technology.

On the other hand, startups are too small to support a comprehensive product with customers all over the world and often their business model is focussed on being bought out.

Xero is designed to sit in the sweet spot: big enough to build and support an outstanding product, yet nimble enough to deliver innovative features that respond to your changing needs.

  • We have over 300 developers, designers and support people to deliver a comprehensive accounting product that’s smart, reliable and easy to use.
  • We have raised $145m from shareholders, industry leaders (like Craig Winkler and Sam Morgan) and strategic US investors (like Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures and Matrix Capital).
  • Our Board and management team have a proven track record of building highly successful businesses.
  • We are a global company with teams in New Zealand, the UK, Australia and the USA.
  • We charge our customers a small amount of money each month to deliver a fantastic service.
  • You are the owner of your data and we are the custodian. We will never sell your information nor will we limit access to it.
  • We update our software very frequently and charge you monthly. You are free to leave at any time so we have to earn your love every month.
  • As a public company we are transparent and you can always check how we’re doing.

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Xero has over 100,000 paying businesses, over 200,000 users and 4,500 accounting firms that rely on us every day. Our software has never been breached and we have never lost any customer data. We’ve invested millions to protect your sensitive financial information. We continue to invest heavily, protecting against unauthorized access and system failures.

We provide a level of security and data protection no small business could ever afford to maintain on their own systems – yet Xero is available at a low monthly charge.

  • Our banking partners require us to maintain security measures that meet their high standards.
  • We operate multiple redundant servers at tier-one data centers, guarded 24/7/365.
  • We run offsite backups nightly, full backups weekly and transaction log backups of our database every 10 minutes so we can immediately recover your data if necessary (we have never needed to, but we practice regularly).
  • Our security partners continually audit our security with penetrative testing, unannounced and deliberate attacks to measure our vulnerability to outside hackers.
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There’s a good chance you’re connected to someone who uses and loves Xero. We have thousands of customers in every corner of the globe. Every day our customers express joy and gratitude for the way Xero has made their life so much easier.

Customers are the best way to measure a product’s reputation, and our partners are also extremely well respected.

  • We have an extensive (and growing) directory of leading accountants and bookkeepers from around the world who are certified Xero experts.
  • We have partnerships with leading banks, telecommunication companies and technology firms around the world (such as ANZ, BT, Microsoft and Paypal).
  • Xero is continually recognised with wins in highly prestigious international awards, including multiple consecutive Webby Awards.
  • Major investors in technology and finance have rigorously analyzed Xero and invested in the company, including Peter Thiel, Craig Winkler and Sam Morgan.
  • Xero staff and senior management are available and active on our blog and community. We’re here to help you and understand what it’s like to run small businesses.
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Xero provides unlimited free email support. We have experienced Customer Care teams in New Zealand, the UK, Australia and the USA. This geographical and time zone spread provides customers with around the clock coverage.

Ultimately, the best support is none – when the product is so good, you don’t need help to use it. In a typical day, less than 1% of customers need to contact support.

  • Unlimited free email support with around the clock coverage.
  • Our Help Center is comprehensive, customized for all the different regions we support, and continuously updated.
  • We also monitor and provide support through multiple social networks including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Customers are not locked into a contract – we have to earn your love every month

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Traditional accounting software typically requires too much of your time and effort, which doesn’t add value, and takes the fun out of being in business.

Online accounting fundamentally changes how you work. Automated data feeds from your bank and your business network let you manage cash flow in real-time. The ability to collaborate with your team and advisors, anytime, from anywhere, transforms your business.

Our rich ecosystem of over 100 solution partners means you can easily link accounting into your business process to make you much more productive.

Common problems with most accounting software

  • Too complicated – it’s hard to get data in and out.
  • Too confusing – it’s not clear what to do and how to do it.
  • It’s never up-to-date – the data in the system is not current nor is the software.
  • It only works on one computer – and bounces from place to place (e.g. USB drive).
  • Only one person can use it – key people can’t access financial and customer details.
  • Getting data to/from advisors is difficult, causing errors, delays and increased costs.
  • It’s expensive and complicated to keep backups (if done at all).
  • It’s expensive, complicated and time consuming to upgrade the software.
  • Customer support is unhelpful, expensive and slow.

Sound familiar?

Xero makes it easy to stay on top

  • Our customers have real-time access to their current financial position – a serious competitive advantage, by any measure.
  • Xero is designed to simplify and automate small business management, while making it easy to collaborate online with your team and your advisors.
  • Xero can be used by any authorized user on any system – Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Blackberry.
  • Since Xero runs online, you don’t have to worry about installing software or storing backups – that’s all done for you automatically, for free.
  • Every 3-6 weeks we release innovative new features and enhancements based on ideas from our customers. We design and deliver features at a pace and a quality that’s unrivaled.
  • Xero is available at a low monthly cost, so there are no hidden charges or surprise expenses. Even our renowned customer support is freely available around the clock.
  • All businesses update their systems when there’s a better technology, better design or better support available. Xero exceeds at delivering all those benefits.

Of course, the ultimate test is to try it for yourself…