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Sage One Cash Book


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  • from £5.00 ex VAT (£6.00 inc VAT) per month


  • Single user

Company size:

  • 1 – 5 employees

Support options:

  • 24/7 telephone, email, online help

Operating System:

  • Online: Internet Explorer, Chrome,

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  • Work with an accountant to produce your VAT return or self-assessment.
  • It’s designed with you in mind so there’s no accounting jargon meaning it’s easy to understand.
  • If you do need help you can use the online articles and video tutorials.
  • Manage your cash easily

    Keep up to date with everything you’ve got to pay for. We make it quick and easy to record all the money entering and leaving your business; it’s one way we help you get on running your business.

    • Easily enter and manage cashbook transactions: quickly create income transactions and record all of your business expense transactions in one place. You can easily edit transactions as and when required and view a snapshot of each bank account using the totals report.
    • Manage your banking and cash easily: view all activity through your bank accounts by recording cash deposits and transactions in and out of your account. You can add multiple bank accounts, record transfers between accounts and document owner drawings (money withdrawn from the business by the owner) and owner investments.
    • Keep on top of cash flow: quickly produce customer and supplier statements for any of your contacts to show outstanding payments. And you can send these on to your customers and suppliers for payment.
    • Create sales and expense types to suit your business: Sage One comes with a number of pre-fixed sales and expense types but you can add additional categories that are bespoke to your business needs.

  • See how your business is doing

    Sage One Cashbook allows you to easily record money in and money out of your business so that you can easily see how your business is performing.

    • See how your business is performing: using the summary screen you can view sales and expenses for the month and year to date, get a detailed profit and loss figure and get a graphical overview of your current account.
    • Easily create a profit and loss report: the summary allows you to see your profit and loss figure and you can easily run a profit and loss report, which is a statement of financial performance, at the click of a button.
    • View figures in detail: view all transactions that make up your profit and loss report by using the report drilldown function.

  • Work anywhere via the web

    Working online means that you can access your data from wherever you are in the world at any time.

    • Easy, automatic updates: Sage One is an online service so updates happen automatically. This means that if the VAT rate changes you don’t need to worry about it; we’ll implement the changes in the background so you can be sure you’ll always up to date.
    • Keep your data safe: we store all of your data in a highly secure environment managed by the experts at Rackspace. We continuously back up your data to another data centre in an entirely different location. This means that if the worst happens, we’re able to quickly switch over to the secondary site without any impact on your data. All of this happens behind a series of advanced firewalls to ensure that your data is fully protected. So if your computer crashes, you can rest assured you haven’t lost your accounts or your contacts.

  • Manage your contacts in one place

    Make it easier to manage your customers and suppliers by easily storing all of your contacts in one place using Sage One Cashbook.

    • Record your customer and supplier details for easy reference: we know how important repeat business is to sole traders so we’ve made it straightforward to record customer contact information and you can also record notes against each contact such as ‘call back in two weeks’.
    • View your contacts’ details from one easy list: as all of your contacts are safely stored in one easy to manage list, you don’t need to worry about losing pieces of paper or replacing a contact book once it’s full.

Collaborate online with your accountant

PC and notepad


With Sage One Cashbook you get a simple way to record all of the money in and out of your business and your accountant can log in from their office and see that information in their Accountant Edition service.

  • No more chasing for receipts: as your accountant can view the information, they will be able to collaborate with you online in real time. You will have more time to run your business as you won’t have to worry about getting paper receipts over to their office on time.
  • Easy way to complete your VAT returns: if you are VAT registered your accountant can produce a VAT return based on the information you have entered.
  • Get the information you need for investment: your accountant can produce financial reports which can be used when applying for loans and investment.