Intuits new cloud bookkeeping software looks like its set to be a winner with bookkeepers, accountants and small businesses

Powerfully simple, completely intuitive and lightning fast

QuickBooks Online is easier, faster and better organised than ever. The streamlined design makes it easy for you and your clients to find information and get work done in fewer steps.

Wherever. Whenever. And always in real time.

Your office becomes wherever. Your hours become whenever.
And you can always work with clients in real time.

Improved Collaboration

Improved collaboration
When you share data with clients
in the cloud, you get fewer mistakes
and better insights.

Ditch The Desk

Ditch the desk
Anywhere access means you don’t
have to be at your desk to work.

Uncover More Insights

Uncover more insights
With up to date, reliable data,
you can discover and harness
powerful business insights.

The power of the cloud

By storing your data in the cloud instead of your computer, your work is always accessible,
up to date and secure. That means you can save time, rest easy and rest more often.

Always Up-To-Date

Always up to date
QuickBooks Online keeps itself updated to the latest version, so you get new features automatically.

Always Secure

Always secure
The cloud uses the same encryption as leading online banks, keeping your data safe and sound.

Always Backed Up

Always backed up
Your data is backed up for you, so if your computer crashes
your work stays safe.

Always Accessible

Always accessible2
You can sign in from any location, giving you flexibility in when and how you work.

Used and trusted by companies around the world
QuickBooks Online has over 450,000 small business users around the world.3

A cloud full of features

QuickBooks Online Accountant will help you save time, so you can get more out of business. More satisfied clients. More growth opportunities. More time to develop your accountancy practice.

“Navigating through QuickBooks Online creates a seamless and intuitive
experience, delivering almost immediate results.”
CPA Practice Advisor: It’s “Game On” for Intuit, August 27, 2013.

Access the cloud

So you’re ready to join the cloud. But is your computer? Odds are the answer is yes, but check below
to ensure that you’ll be able to use QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Browser Windows Mac OS X
Google Chrome Any version Any version
Firefox Version 7 or later Version 4 or later
Safari 4 Version 4.1.1 or later
Safari 5 Version 5.0.1 or later Version 5.0.1 or later
Internet Explorer Version 10 or later
Software requirements
You or your client must have a subscription to QuickBooks Online in order to create or work on a company file.
QuickBooks Online Accountant provides accounting tools which you can use with your clients’ QuickBooks Online data.
Network connection
We recommend a high-speed internet connection, such as an ADSL broadband or fibre connection. You can use a slower
connection, but it will take longer to get things done.