BancPay is an intelligent cloud invoicing service that allows all types of companies to create & exchange invoices electronically to improve cash flow & reduce administration costs. BancPay is free during 2013

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What is BancPay?

BancPay is a paperless invoicing system that helps businesses reduce administration costs and manage cash flow by automating the way invoices are handled.

BancPay removes the hassle of dealing with all those different types of invoices you have to send or receive. BancPay handles; paper, PDF, scanned image, web form and electronic invoices.

BancPay operates in the Cloud, offers greater security, drastically reduces paper handling, allows you to know what is happening to your invoices and helps the environment by reducing paper and transport costs.

BancPay supports multiple languages and multiple currencies – so if you have subsidiaries across the globe, or are looking to expand internationally, BancPay is there to support you.

By using Cloud commerce, businesses can send, receive, approve or refer their invoices without the additional costs of printing and posting by mail. BancPay is fast, simple and flexible. So flexible, that every company can create their own business network of suppliers and customers.

We know that running a business is more than just sending and receiving invoices, it’s also about managing your finances. So BancPay allows you to see the status of all your invoices and when they will be paid. This helps you to improve your cash flow and benefit from early payment discount opportunities.

Imagine a paperless invoicing system. Imagine BancPay.